Opaque shape components aren't drawn in URP when SSAO and depth priming are enabled


This seems to be because the SSAO feature enables the DepthNormalsOnly pass and the opaque shaders don't define this pass, so they get culled by the ZTest if depth priming is enabled. Presumably any feature that enables the depth-normals prepass would have the same effect. Adding a pass with "Tags { "LightMode" = "DepthNormalsOnly" }" should fix it.

Steps to repoduce:

1. Create a new URP project and import Shapes, set up for URP.

2. If necessary, add Unity's SSAO render feature to the render pipeline (it should be there by default) in Settings -> URP-HighFidelity-Renderer.

3. Set the Depth Priming Mode to Auto.

4. In the menu, click Shapes -> Create -> Disc (or any shape)

5. Set the shape's blend mode to Opaque.

The shape won't be visible.

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