Requesting Ellipses

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I'm enjoying Shapes, but my initial plan was to use it to draw orbits (ellipses shapes) for planets in a game.

someone mentioned uniform borders for discs a few years ago, and I guess this relates to the same concept.

Would it be possible to create an ellipse shape with an A, B radius parameter ( I think i've seen something like this in maths long ago) The expected result would be an ellipse that has a nice border ( but that you can't deform with scaling).

Thank you for this great plugin. 

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Hi im using shapes to draw orbits as well, this is my code for it (for now at least its kinda just temporary.

Edit because i didnt realise that the site didnt use markdown

It is not perfect, but it works. I plan to eventually use mean anomaly instead of true anomaly to make the line look nicer with highly elliptical orbits. but this works with any conic orbit.