How to do a clean reinstall of Shapes

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Sometimes a lot of obscure and weird bugs happen after updating asset store packages in place, so here's a little guide on how to do a clean install where everything should work as intended afterwards!

Doing a clean reinstall
  1. Delete the Shapes/ folder
  2. Remove any Shapes related scripting define symbols (like SHAPES_URP or SHAPES_HDRP) from your project
  3. Close Unity
  4. Delete the Library/ folder in your project - this will force Unity to reimport everything in your project on launch, which may take a while if your project is large
  5. Open Unity, and wait for the reimport to finish
  6. Install Shapes again
    • Make sure it installs the latest version. You can check the latest version in the asset store, as well as the Shapes/About window, which will tell you if you're out of date
    • Do not install package dependencies - Unity's asset store dependency system is very broken. The only package you need installed is Text Mesh Pro
  7. Everything should work now! If something doesn't work after this point, it's a bug on my end or Unity's end

Hope this helps

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