Line / Polyline Reveal Parameter

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Would be super cool if it would be possible to define a start and end ratio for lines. Would boost the possibilities for animations a lot IMO.
See this asset: (4th picture)

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Freya Holmér

By ratio, do you mean being able to set the thickness of each end of a line shape?

(polylines already support setting width per-point)


No. It's about to define by what e.g. percentage the line is "filled" or "progressed" from the beginning and the end.

You can see it in this video at second 57

Freya Holmér
  • Under Consideration

Ah, like a reveal parameter!
This is something I've been wanting too, we'll see! It's one of these global things that's a bit of a multiplier to other shapes. As in, if I add reveal to Line and Polyline, people will (understandably)expect to have a reveal parameter on all other shapes too, but maybe we can start with the more useful ones


Yes, let's start with the useful ones that let you reveal linesss :)

ben ben

Agree, this is a very useful feature.