Use Shapes for Mini Metro road network type of game

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Hi there,
I love Mini Metro and how they implemented the building of the metro network. Is it possible to recreate this with Shapes?
I have not bought/used Shapes yet. So I have no experience with it.

Is it possible using Polylines (maybe)? There are also dashed lines and the 3D Primitives.
On the other side Mini Metro feels really good (iOS) when placing new metro lines. So it´s much more than the visual. Would it also be possible to get this "game feel" done with Shapes?
If you´re got some time: I searched Youtube and Google for "mini metro unity tutorial" and can´t find anything. So perhaps it´s a nice idea to create a tutorial with Shapes(?)

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Freya Holmér creator

Shapes is a rendering-only library, so it unfortunately doesn't have any animation/interaction/spline tools in and of itself, that would have to be added separately!