Edit Points in Scene doesn't toggle gizmo handles back on if they're off

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 Pressing 'Edit Points in Scene' causes that button itself to turn navy blue, and then nothing else. After doing some digging it turned out that they had all be checked OFF under 'Toggle Visibility in Scene's' list of gizmos. I noticed that visibility was being toggled on when Edit Points was being selected but nothing was visually happening so I dug down and found they've been checked off.

I wasn't getting any kind of visual feedback or warning message why nothing was showing so it took me a long while to determine that they had been unchecked under the gizmo rollout itself.

 If its possible to toggle to forcefully toggle gizmos back on, is it possible to also re-check them if they've been turned off, or otherwise print a debug log to the console mentioning that the gizmo handle is turned off and that's why you don't see anything?

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Freya Holmér creator

I think this will get fixed by itself in the upcoming update, since I'd be upgrading the min unity version and use the tool system instead of hacking it into the gizmos!