Is there a better way to create complex Volumetric 3D lines without creating a Line component for each part?

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Hi I am using Volumetric 3D Lines for my project to create somewhat complex lines such as this one.

The issue is it generates too many unnecessary line components. Do you have any advice to optimize this? Thanks.

Image 813

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ryan nguyen

Hello, can I have some support on this? Thank you very much.

Freya Holmér creator

This is probably better suited to immediate mode drawing, the most optimized way to do it would be to use the billboarded polylines with simple joins (though they're not actually volumetric, they often look volumetric from afar)

otherwise there's not really a proper volumetric polyline line primitive in shapes no

ryan nguyen

Appreciate the reply! I'll try another approach.

Your asset is really cool!