Fall-off distance for smooth edge and dropshadow

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Hi Freya. 
I would like to request or suggest fall-off distance for smooth edges on poly-lines, polygons and polyshapes. this would have the benefit to counter jagged edge effect and also the ability to create blur and or dropshadows. This feature is based on my experience with working with Procedural UI plugin by Josh H. Thanks for the great work so far

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Freya Holmér
  • Under Consideration

to quote my response in the stroke/outlines request - it's very much a similar case for this!

this is one of those can of worms that has *major* implications to the amount of work I need to do and expectations on future things. in other words - this is a lot of extra work, and it's multiplied by the number of shapes, because if I add another shape, it'll be expected to have support for this too

that, and the fact that you can generally make outlines yourself with the tools that exist (just, with multiple shapes) has made me hesitate in implementing this

that being said, it might still happen! I'll consider it