Multi-color gradients

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Designers love to define gradients not only by a start and end color but instead by a gradient with more than 2 colors not equally distributed and I have to implement them :D
Is there a way to define a gradient as shown below?

Image 73

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HSB Color Gradiant mode (for rainbow color)

Image 46

Yes. it's a rainbow. like this picture from the Shapes's release trailer.

it seems only support linear RGB gradient. or any possible ways to add own custom color gradient modes?

Freya Holmér creator
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possibly - the tricky part with custom gradients is that they require texture data, which has a lot of implications when it comes to materials, asset management and batching/instancing, so there's a lot of infrastructure to design in order to get that to work

that ring from the trailer in particular is actually a polyline - with its per-point colors set according to a huestrip