Texture overlay

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Please, add texture overlay. For example hand drawing effect of lines.

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Freya Holmér
  • Under Consideration

this one is a little complicated, because there are a *lot* of questions as for what space this texture should be mapped in

for instance - do you want screen space textures to do overlays? do you want the texture to fit the object? how do you want it to tile? how do you want it to blend with the existing shape/mask/color? and adding all of this would also come with the expectation that all Shapes should support this, which multiplies the amount of work by the number of Shapes, which is growing a lot

we'll see, but it won't be prioritized for now I'm afraid!

rodeo star

Being able to add a texture/material to a shape you can use it for icons, pictures, objects etc... would be immensely helpful.