Polyline sharp angle issue

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Hi Freya, thanks for the great asset. 

I have been using Polyline to create a pen tool and it works great, however I have noticed a bug when you create a sharp angle between consecutive points. I have attached a gif showing the issue:

And here are my component settings:

I would like to use the Rounded join type because it looks great as a pen, but the issue doesn't seem to happen on simple joins.

Thanks heaps,


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Freya Holmér
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this is unfortunately a hard problem to solve, and the solutions will likely be pretty computationally expensive if we end up having one. there might be a way to solve this case in a performant manner, but I haven't looked into it much yet because my priority has been real-time use, rather than maximum quality lines with no edge cases left. Anyway, maybe, is my answer, currently low priority!

nick russell

Hi Freya, thanks for the update. I will see if I can work around the issue in the meantime.