Polylines and Line edges get jagged with LAA on and MSAA off

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Polylines and Lines are pixelated with enabled LLA and MSAA off.

When enabling MSAA > x2, fragments disappear but thats expected from MSAA.

Deferred rendering make in even worse. Any rendering change doesnt fix the issue.

Unity ver.: 2019.3.6f1, DX11
OS: Windows 10
HW: Radeon RX 480 Graphics

(Arc are OK, Polylines not)

(Polyline in game view)

(Polylines and Lines compared with others Shapes)

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Freya Holmér
  • Under Review

we've been trying to debug this for quite some time, and it only seems to happen for OP

it's a very strange dithering type of pattern, which is more jagged than regular pixelation you get with AA off

if someone else has the same issue it would be super nice if we could figure this out to narrow down what might be causing this!

Freya Holmér

have you figured out what caused this? if not I'll close this thread as it seems like nobody else is having this issue