Render Pipeline Mismatch box does not show up and breaks shapes menus and assets

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When importing shapes into an HDRP project if the render pipeline mismatch dialog box does not appear, shapes UI breaks.

The shapes config window does not function when the render pipeline settings are wrong.

I feel it would be important to add a button to force compile for the current render pipeline in the context menu. This button would be for when you can't access the shapes settings window, and the recompile for said RP does not appear. Alternatively, add a button in the shapes settings window for when it fails to generate the serialized objects it uses for the current RP. Maybe for those who don't think to check the settings window when shapes breaks like this add a warning to the components that fail to generate all their fields to either guide them towards recompiling for said pipeline. Thank you.

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Freya Holmér
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this is currently because of a bug where Unity 2020+ introduced a behavior that causes a nullref in the middle of the first time setup, that breaks this flow

this should be fixed in the coming update