Immedate mode not working in URP : screen goes black when shape render feature is added

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Just installed the plugin on a Unity 2020.3.25f1 project, using URP.

After installing, no popup or anything, I try to start one of the samples (the Tree one) and the screen is pitch black with nothing. I restart Unity and I get a popup that the plugin needs to be recompiled for URP, so I accept. Afterwards it prompts me to go check if immediate mode is okay in the settings, and pressing OK takes me to the settings popup with a red error under each URP asset : 

Makes sense, so I go in each asset and add a ShapesRenderFeature to them. However as soon as I do so, my scenes turn pitch black and I have to remove the ShapesRenderFeature to have them properly show again.

Any clue how to fix that ? I'd like to use the immediate mode haha. Cheers !

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Freya Holmér

The first time setup is really clunky right now due to a nullref that breaks the flow in 2020 and above.

However, getting a black screen it, really strange, I have no idea why it would do that. However, you seem to have quite a lot of renderers? not sure what's going on in the project that would make it so