[UX Feature Request] Support EditorTools API

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(raised as GitHub issue #31 first, didn't see issues should be raised here instead)

Unity 2019.1+ has an "EditorTools" API that allows quick and convenient access to "tools" in custom inspectors.

Unity uses this, besides other things, for enabling the "Edit Collider" feature of colliders:

Would be great if Shapes used that as well for "Edit in Scene":

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Freya Holmér
  • Currently out of scope

Since 2018 LTS is the minimum target for Shapes, I don't really want to maintain and support two systems for drawing editor gizmos, so I'll stick to the current implementation until Shapes jumps to 2019 LTS as minimum in the future

that aside - was there anything about using the new Editor Tools you wanted, that you don't have right now?


It's not a new way to draw editor gizmos, it's only telling that tools API which buttons of your custom inspector are "tools". E.g. see example above for the colliders – that's not a new implementation, it's really only the "collider inspector" saying "hey I have a tool, here's a handy button for it". Was just a few lines for our own tooling.

UX-wise, the advantage is that I don't have to search for the "Edit in Scene" button for various types of objects and packages; it's all in one place - if a thing has one (or more) tools they show up there!

Freya Holmér

sure, it's not two ways of literally drawing gizmos, but it is two code paths for interfacing with drawing them (because 2018 LTS doesn't have this system), and I'm a little wary of maintaining both of those paths both technically and inspector UI wise, especially for a minor UI convenience function like this, so I'd prefer to wait until Shapes doesn't have support for 2018 LTS anymore, as then I can do this proper without branching things