static builder for Draw.Text(performance issue) or others polygon

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I bought the Shapes, and I figure out Draw.Text has a performance issue (draw many times with same font setting)

I write the TextMeshProBuilder.




Builder.DrawBatch(); // put this at late update or add to urp render pipeline

maybe u can add it to ur urp pipeline of shapes.

and I hope that u can add static builder for your shapes.

let user update the static builder when he needs.

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Freya Holmér creator
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yeah, the TMP drawing is currently very bloated. I'll likely do another pass over its functionality at some point, similar to how I also need to do the same for polylines!

mike johnston

I just did some profiling and was surprised to see this high cost of text. Any improvement here would be appreciated!

Freya Holmér creator
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I've now optimized text rendering a lot for Shapes 4.2.0!

It's not done exactly the same as you describe in your initial post, but

Four things have changed:

1. per-frame allocations is now 0, and CPU processing is now ~10 times faster

2. you can speed it up even more with new persistent text helpers, making CPU end ~140 times faster

3. you can now draw text regions/rects

4. all TMP text alignment options are now available