"NewShapesRenderFeature" cripples performances in URP, and is not essential

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Hi, this renderer feature gets added automatically when the editor gets loaded.

Even after I remove it comes back.

Removing it will improve perfomances significantly in urp for VR.

Even empty renderer feature will lower the performance, so it's not because of that particular renderer feature.

So if a renderer isn't absolutely crucial, I'll remove it to gain more FPS.

Please don't automatically add it back when I remove it (especially when Shapes runs fine without it)

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Freya Holmér
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does unticking the render feature fix the performance issues?

it's currently required for immediate mode drawing, but if you're not using IM then it's optional.

that being said, if you want to remove it from being automatically added, this is done in ShapesImportState.cs in the EnsureShapesPassExistsInTheUrpRenderer function, in case you want to edit the code to prevent it from happening

I've considered revamping the way this works in the future, but hopefully this helps in the meantime