"Unexpected mark stack overflow" when editing

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I'm getting this error fairly frequently when editing a shape in the inspector. See attached video of thrashing a property in order to trigger it:


It doesn't seem to be specifically related to the property I'm playing with in the video, it does seem to happen when editing most things within a Shape. Just to clarify I've not seen this error trigger anywhere else in Unity. Thanks!

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marco mazzoli

Have since discovered that this issue doesn't occur in Unity 2020.3.24f.

marco mazzoli

Has anyone else experienced this in 2021? I downgraded to 2020 as I rely on Shapes a fair bit, but just wondering whether or not this issue is related to my particular project in some way. Cheers.


Yes, I am getting that as well in 2021.2.4f1... I at first didn't attribute it to shapes as I was also doing some extremely heavy vfx graph stuff and I even got one of my scenes into a state in which unity failed to load it. Had to manually disable/delete a lot of scene elements by editing the scene file manually (among which were some shapes elements). Now in a different project it can easily happen when just manually playing around with the color editor (to try out a lot of gradient stuff).